It was a hot muggy day when I went to Conningbrook Lakes yesterday so beside Dragon Flies, Butterflies and the usual Heron, Swans, Gulls and Wagtails I didn’t think I’d see much so what a nice surprise it was to sit and watch a female Kestrel predating some afternoon snacks of Dragon Flies and anything else she could find.

Female Kestrel

I see this bird quite often when I go, usually hanging around in the first part of the walk from where they keep the boats around to opposite the Bachelors Food Factory and second gateway of the main lake, but quite rare to see her moving around so much and obviously on a mission!

On my outward walk I saw her but just either perching on one of the sailing masts or the overhead cables so after the long walk around to the Eco Lake it was a pleasure to suddenly stumble across her on the way back and so close.

Female Kestrel lands to predate Dragon Fly    Kestrel looking straight at camera

She perched on one of the lakeside trees and flew down a few times, each time just grabbing a Dragon Fly, obviously a mid afternoon snack as I saw quite a few Field Mice galloping through the now sunburnt grass.

There’s something about nature which fascinates; it has this strange ability to show you something special when 1. you’re least expecting it and 2. when you really need something to perk you up a bit.

Kestrel flying from Tree

It was special just to sit and watch, her second fly down landed her no more than 30 feet away from me, as you see, she did give me a wary eye!

I’m finding that by learning and trying to understand nature and wildlife, I’m learning and starting to understand life so much more.
I guess we are just a part of it, another species, it’s just we have brains which do things and change quicker, but also brains which can destroy.
May our wildlife be held together and may mankind sort itself out !

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