31st. March 2016

With Spring almost on our doorstep and visiting family in Netley I thought it may be my last chance of capturing a few Waders etc. before they head off to their Summer destinations (except the Short Eared Owl !!)

Little Owl at Hook in Warsash
The Little Owl

At first I popped over to Titchfield Reserve where there were some Adviocets and Black Tailed Godwits busy in the shallows and banks.
A few Chiffchaffs were making a racket in the Trees and the odd Goldcrest flew past me at speeds I couldn’t keep up with!

Time to move on so over to Hook in Warsash (on the other side of the Hamble River Estuary to Hamble itself).
Not very much about when I came across another Birdwatcher who told me the possible location of a Short Eared Owl.
Off I went !

After a 300 meter slow stroll along a Private Lane (allowed pedestrian access) I found the spot and after closely scanning three trees finally spotted him tucked in amongst the lower branches some 50 meters away.

Black Tailed Godwits at Titchfield Hampshire
Black Tailed Godwits stocking up!

They certainly are delightful, unless I’d been told where to look I would have never thought about looking there, plus they camouflage quite well !
I’m indebted to the Birdwatcher I bumped into.

It’s odd, since I’ve been photographing Birds I’ve managed a Long Eared Owl, a Short Eared Owl and a Little Owl yet thus far have not spottd the two most common, the Tawny and Barn.
I hear both quite often in the night down and around the Lane, perhaps one day !!

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