In the Garden

I thought I’d spoken about the Grass Snake, but looking back it appears not, so here’s a photo of it sitting under one of the Rubber Mats I have in the long grass

Grass Snake under rubber mat
Grass Snake

I thought most birds around and about here had now all fledged, but upon hearing a few quiet tweets from the Laurel Bush was pleased to see what appears to be a juvenile Chiffchaff. I say ‘appears to be’ because, apart from the dark legs, has the characteristics and colour of a Willow Warbler !

Young Chiffchaff
Young Chiffchaff

Between the Lane and the Great Stour

Although there is a very apparent lack of birds at present (they’re all in my Garden I think) Dragon Flies and Damselflies are plentiful

Migrant Hawker
Migrant Hawker


I’ve only been able to make it to the Eco and Northern Lake but it’s been well worth the walk.
The Herons nesting on the Eco Lake have sprung a nice young one to the surroundings and seem to be mixing OK with the Little Egrets.

Four Spotted Chaser   Leveret Hare
Four Spotted Chaser – Leveret

Two Herons ready to roost   Young Heron
Two Herons ready to roost and Young Heron in Fields

The walk from Blackwell Farm to the Great Stour produced a Leveret hurrying around the path and into the overgrowth whilst above, the Swallows are still very active almost skimming the corn tops as they hurry about looking for an evening meal.

Great Stour between Conningbrook and Wye

With the forecast looking reasonably good for a few days to come and me being a fairweather birder, I hope to get back to the North Kent Coast shortly, probably Oare Marshes, always a great spot for Waders and more.

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