The last few days of March brought about a few new visitors, some of which returning and one new addition, a Treecreeper.
Maybe it’s my failing eyesight, but in two years of taking wildlife photos, I hadn’t come accross any, then like a London Bus I’ve had two sightings in a Month !

Treecreeper Foraging


Our resident Fox has Cubs ?

Fox waiting at Feeder

You may recall I mentioned a second Fox showed up some weeks ago. This morning when she turned up for some food I noticed the Teats being very pert and heavy.
Rather than coming up the drive, she has recently been arriving from behind the Barn, so I guess that’s where it’s all going on.
She still has a limp and if anything got slightly worse, but to try and do anything about it now would be wrong as it would obviously mean separating her from the young ones. Also, I’m not exactly sure where the Nest is, somewhere in the old Derelict Windmill and adjoining Barns.

Grey Wagtails

Grey Wagtail in Stream

Every year they come down the Lane; for a few weeks in Spring and again in Autumn.
Never a day goes by where they’re not paddling in the stream or gathering nesting material from the tarmac surfaces around and about.

Hedgehog is back

Hedgehog out of Hibernation

I’d been searching around the garden for a number of days hoping I would see some droppings thus showing Hedgy was out of hibernation and ready for Spring and Summer.
I’m pretty sure he or she spent Winter in one of my purpose built houses, it seems I was right.

However, since waking I don’t see him go in the Shed where I feed him, but I do see him coming out. Looks like his Summer Home will be within easy reach of food !!

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