Yellow Wagtails

I’d heard the Yellow Wagtails had returned for the warmer months a few days back and knowing how they tend to mix on Cattle grazing pasture to begin with, made the trip down to Scotney Farm, just outside Lydd, with a view of getting some easier photos than in Summer when they tend to move around the tall crops more.

Yellow Wagtail

Yellow Wagtail with Cattle

Needless to say I walked a long way along the footpath, gave up hope then saw them all only a couple of hundred meters away from where I parked. I’d been looking on the wrong side !

Although quite a lot more common, a Pied Wagtail gave a rather nice pose on a rock adjacent to the Lake.

Pied Wagtail on Rock

At Dungeness

The Long Eared Owls once again weren’t there. I’d been hoping that because it being a nice sunny day they may be sitting in a more open position, but I have photos of them, so all not lost.

Whilst at the Dipping Pool there was an RSPB chap awaiting kids to turn up for an educational morning.
In preparation he’d pulled a Leech from the Dipping Pool and had pleasure of showing it to me.
I’m not usually spooked into not touching something, but these this threw me a little and the fact I’m on blood thinning tablets, gave that one a miss!

Leech in hand

Other than that, it was very quiet. I also drove down to the Beach as I’d heard Willow Warblers and Black Redstarts were about, but saw neither.

Sometimes that’s the way, but seeing the Yellow Wagtails was good and a three or four mile walk through the barren scenery on a sunny day didn’t go amiss.

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