Like many coastal reserves, visiting them on a hot day is not always advisable, 1. The birds are all sheltering and 2. there’s never enough shade plus of course,, the settings on your camera need changing for every direction !!


However, 27 degrees on 12th. September is not the norm and as it was due to get hotter still, this day seemed the best option.

Whilst walking alongside the canal going out to Sea, two Seals made their way otwards on the tide bobbing up just now and again seemingly to put the sun on their cheeks before going back down again re-appearing some 50 meters further out.

Starling gather on roof

Most birds on the Lakes were too far to get any decent shots but on my way back to the Van, the area around the Static homes was full of bird song with Buntings and Starlings happily sharing Blackberry bushes and the roofs of Static Homes !

Cormorant taking off

Bunting eating

After Rye, I popped over to Dungeness for a quick look around the Old Lighthouse Garden but nothing present there.
All in all, not a good day for any tick sheets but a beautiful September morning and early afternoon getting warm from the Sun and…….tired

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