After a seven day break visiting family in Southampton I returned to some information from the 7 year old over the Lane there were Spotted Flycatchers nesting on the side wall of their house adjacent to the Lane.

Spotted Flycatcher with food for it' s young

Upon inspection and without disturbing anything he war right. Their nest has been carefully semi concealed about 8 feet off the ground in amongst thick Ivy.
In fact, I could see two young heads sticking out. My slight intervention though upset the Parents who were busy collecting food from around and about, so I stepped back to take a photo of the parent.

So nice to see them down the Lane, I think the first in the 17 years I’ve been here, certainly in the last 4 years since I started more of an interest in Wildlife.

slow worms under mat

Slow Worms

The situation under the Rubber Mats has got even better, there are now 6 plus under the them and as you see on the photo, it would appear we may be expecting some young ones come August time.
The Bumble Bees which were all nesting there a couple of months ago have now dispersed and no more signs of the Grass Snake which I took a photo of a few weeks back.

Leafcutter Bee House hole

Leafcutter Bees

I’m unsure if it’s a little early but I notice one of the holes in my Bee / Bug Hotel has had a Bee busy planting leaf inside.

Last year the Hotel attracted about seven, so I’m hoping, along with another one I’ve placed on the other side of the Garden, we may get quite a few.

Migrant-Hawker - Copy

Dragons and Damselflies

Not only for Butterflies, it’s a bumper Summer for Dragons and Damselflies down the Lane.
This week saw the first Migrant Hawker, some 4 or 5 seem to be liking along the side of the Stream as well.


Finally, what a bumper year it seems to be for Blackberries, everywhere I go I see them and they also appear bigger a lot earlier than normal.
There again, with news of the first Night Herons breeding in south west England, it does all rather point to yet more effects of climate change.
Try telling that to a certain President !!!

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