White Deers and Cliff Top scenes

Waking up to a cold, damp and misty morning wasn’t easy so rather than heading off over the Heathland to Arne I thought I’d take a trip over to Durdle Door.
I’d been there before, about 15 ‘pre Camera’ years before and remembered seeing Kestrels hovering along the cliffs below, so this encouraged me to try and get an overhead shot of one.

View westward from Durdle Door

No such luck, not a Kestrel to be seen, just a few regular Gulls and one Rock Pipit which was too quick for me, but a nice walk down to the Beach and a somewhat struggling walk back up again.
Rather than post a picture of Durdle Door which must be one of the most photographed parts of the Dorset coastline, I settled for the view looking west with a brave Artist wearing shorts. I had five layers on, freezing !

White Deer at Arne


After that it was back to Arne to see what was about. Other than loads of Goldfinches there were no Spoonbills, Dartford Warblers. I did briefly catch a glimpse of two Seals though. Again, they suddenly vanished before I could take a shot.


It was then I noticed something white quite a distance away and spotted the White Deer. Speaking to one of the Wardens, these are not Albinos, just genetical ‘errors’, there’s about six of them scattered about apparently.

Even so, made for another day finding something different.

Speaking of different, I couldn’t be staying at a Campsite close to Corfe without going to see the Norden to Swanage Steam Train, so stopped off to duly take a few photos and Video !

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