Dartford Warblers

Day 2 was a special day, I’d photographed a Dartford Warbler from a distance at Minsmere last year but wanting a closer view of one I made it my days quest to find one here at Arne.

Dartford Warbler at Arne
Dartford Warbler. Bad light so excuse the pixels

One of the volunteer RSPB Wardens told me of the best areas, so of I went. I asked a few locals if they’d seen any today and all replies came back as “haven’t seen one for a few weeks”.
After waiting and watching in the known favourite spot, I gave up and started walking back to the Car Park. I saw one ‘last chance saloon’ in the form of a small footpath going up through the Gorse, walked about 10 meters and two suddenly popped up!

Not being sure if they would stay long enough to get a shot of them both, I made about three quick clicks before thay upped and went !

Parasol-Funghi    Birch-Fungi
Parasol Fungi – Birch Fungi

More Fungi and a Stag

The walk from the Hide to Shipstal Beach takes you through a nice mixture of Woodland, wetland and damp overgrowth, ideal for Fungi and through the summer, Snakes and other Reptiles.

At this time of the year, the Fungi is showing well and there aren’t many trees or rotting branches which haven’t something growing on or around them.

Stag at RSPB Arne

Richard at Arne
Me disturbing the Wildlife as usual !!

Taking the route back from Shipstral to the RSPB Centre you go through more Woodland with a massive amount of large Chestnut Trees, thus Squirrels are very popular as are occasional human foragers!
Then it’s back on to the fields where Stags and Deer are pretty prominant, some more shy than others! If you don’t see one, being rutting time, you certainly hear them now and again.

Except for the bad light, it was a good day, back to the Campsite via Sainsbury’s where I noticed a Raven sitting right next to the Van. As always, I didn’t have the Camera to hand !

I think that’s the best tip for Arne and the surrounding areas, always have a camera ready.


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