A visit to family in Southampton afforded me a chance to pop along to one of my favourite places for Ducks, Geese and Waders.
Warsash being on the River Hamble just as it joins Southampton Water and with protected Marshland is always good for something at any time of the year.


Regrettably I couldn’t time my visit for a low tide, it was high, very high, so this obviously reduced the amount of Birds and Waders to a minimum but it was nice to see so many Brent Geese enjoying themselves.
Best times here are about half way between high and low tides when some islands appear in the River and the water level amongst the Reeds allows the Kingfishers to come out to feed.

Juvenile Wigeon       Redshank at Hamble

After half an hour or so I drove along to where the River meets the water. There are two Scrapes there but neither had any birds. In fact the bird I saw the most of was the Robin!

Black Tailed Godwit

However, a Black Tailed Godwit showed up. Not a great day but a lovely sunny but cold morning to have a nice walk in the knowledge you would probably sleep well that night!

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