I go to Southampton to visit family once every six weeks or, so being within a 20 minute drive away from both my daughter and son’s home, the River Hamble, where it meets with Southampton Water is a good treat for me.

Male Wigeon
Male Wigeon

One side of the River is dedicated to Yacht moorings and the other side at Warsash is marsh and reeds protected for wildlife.
When the tide is out it gives acres of what can only be called as mud with a few islands a few meters into the River attracting many waders and the occasional Seal and Kingfisher.

Canada Goose    Brent Goose Warsash    Oyster Catcher
Canada Goose – Brent Goose – Oyster Catcher

Being early March, some of the birds are leaving. On this visit the minimum of Brent Geese were still resident but this was countered by seeing the Black Tailed Godwits getting their pinky summer colours.

Curlew Warsash    Black Tailed Godwit    Male Teal
Curlew – Black Tailed Godwit – Male Teal

It’s well worth a visit, you can either drive direct to Warsash where there’s free parking or leave your Car in Hamble and take the Pink Ferry accross.

Pink Ferry Hamble
The Pink Ferry – Runs when they see someone waiting

Although a ‘Reserve’ it is a public Footpath along the banks so be prepared for a number of dog walkers and Cyclists. Most have respect for all who are there though.
Unless you want to walk from Warsash to Burleston then loop around which would take you the best part of three hours, it’s one of those ‘walk up the path and back the same route’ places, but rest assured you’ll see quite a lot, especially in Winter and the changing of seasons.

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