Just 60 or so meters down the Lane, the Lane runs out and a footpath takes you through to the fields, from there you can walk three miles to Wye without coming within half a mile of a house. It’s rural and nice to be on your doorstep.

Male Linnet
Male Linnet

Over the first field there’s a small hedgerow no more than 50 meters long and 8 feet high. Stuck virtually in the middle of nowhere you wouldn’t think this would be a haven for so many Birds.
A walk down there earlier produced a feast of Birds including two of my favourites.

First was the Yellowhammer. If you sit there for long enough (no more than five minutes usually, two will skim across the adjoining field and start their little jog along the length of Hedge.
Some may say they’re too pretty to be a wild bird, especially the male who really is yellow, the female being slightly more dull in appearance.

Male Yellowhammer
Male Yellowhammer

Shortly after that two Linnets turned up, birds which I’d been trying to get a photo of for quite some time.
Well, lucky me, for the first time in loads of tries, one sat right in the open long enough for me to get a half decent shot, all be it the sun as always was in the wrong position, but pleased I was!

Both Yellowhammers and Linnets are on the RSPB Red List.

Baby Robin
The baby Robin in the Lupin Bush

Upon returning home I noticed an adult Robin going in and out of the Lupins. I guessed there was something there so quietly walked around a bit only to look down and see a baby popping his or her head out wondering I have no doubt where Mum had got to.

Although much harder to see birds with the leaf growing on trees, it’s real enjoyment and a learning curve to watch nature takes it’s path, the courting, the nest building, feeding and protection cannot be beaten.

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