Buzzards buzzing and busy!

I’ve been trying to photograph the young Common Buzzards for a few weeks now, my attempts of finding them in the wood opposite was a failure.
Then, after several rushes for my Camera after hearing them flying above, I finally got to get a few shots this morning

Common Buzzard Kent

It would seem there are two active, the same as last year.
Winter usually offers the best views of these magnificent creatures though and as you may have seen, they often enjoy sitting on the telegraph cables at the bottom of my Garden or following any Tractors for any snippits on the fields on both sides of the Lane.



I’va also noticed the shrieks of a Sparrowhawk around and about as well. In fact, I was sitting in the Garden a few weeks back and jumped at the sudden noise inside the Laurel Bush outside my Shed door.


A Sparrowhawk had obviously gone for a Blackbird, failed and landed on the grass no more than 5 meters away.
Alas, by the time I sneaked in to fetch my Camera it had gone.

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