Fox sitting in Garden

Cubs depart leaving mother Vixen solo again After quite some days of not seeing our resident fox taking food away to feed her young, it seems the Cubs have now left to find territories of their own Daphne’ as we call her, is needless to say still arriving and all the time she has a […]

Fledged Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher Great news to close off July is that at least two of the Spotted Flycatchers have fledged. I say this as the Parents are still taking food into the nest, the two which have fledged are ‘talking’ to each other, one of either side of the Lane. Our resident Fox Her four Cubs […]

Hedgehog eating Cat Food

Our Resident Fox The Derelict Windmill beside my place is at present a Maternity Ward for some Fox Cubs. As I think I’ve said before, due to a fight or the mating process, the Vixen is only using 3 legs. The affected leg doesn’t seem to have any wounds so I’d guess it’s a sprain […]

Treecreeper Foraging

The last few days of March brought about a few new visitors, some of which returning and one new addition, a Treecreeper. Maybe it’s my failing eyesight, but in two years of taking wildlife photos, I hadn’t come accross any, then like a London Bus I’ve had two sightings in a Month ! Our resident […]

Fox watching down from Roof

It was one of those days where I’d waited long enough to do things around the garden, so I resigned myself to having no walks accross ‘my patch’ or further afield. It turned out to be yet again, one of those days where you no need to look further than your own back door. So […]

The old Aluminium Bath now pond

A gloomy, dull but dry day, just the job for warming myself up and going round the garden checking out and tidying things up for the wildlife in Spring and Summer. The Pond The pond is actually an old Aluminium Bath. I cleared out the weeds (making sure I wasn’t disturbing any hibernating Frogs) refilled […]

Fox waiting for food

Fox mating time It’s the time of the year for Foxes to get together for mating and this seems to be happening with our daily visiting Fox down the Lane. Daphne, as we call her, has been coming here since early Summer. I started to feed her as at that time she seemed quite poorly. […]


Reading all the local Birding Blogs it seems apparent that things are pretty quiet on the bird front, certainly in October and I quote one long and experienced Birders comment ‘The worse October I remember’. Half the problem has been the mild weather though, migrants coming in seem mainly to be on time, but the […]

Goldcrest in bush Dungeness

Visiting Dungeness always springs surprises, that’s to say, when you think there’ll be a lot around, there isn’t and vice versa. Today was a day where I expected it to be busy; I’d heard about the Cattle Egret, an Osprey, Glossy Iis and more but nothing was seen by me. However, no day out to […]

Fox in the Garden

Since my post on 2nd. August where I mentioned we are being visited by a somewhat poorly underfed Fox I’ve been feeding her a sachet of Poultry Cat Food up the garden every night. This in turn has forced me to rethink the Hedgehog Food as old Foxy was grabbing their’s as well. Hoggy’s food […]

Fox in Garden

I’ve been noticing Fox droppinga around the Garden for a couple of weeks now, not surprising really as one usually takes up territory around here, but I have been concerned with the poo I’d seen, very dark and just a few seeds and the odd Berry inside. Then a couple of nights ago I saw […]

Vixen Fox marking territory

Have you ever tried to get a good photograph of a Fox? Maybe in Town Centres and Residential Streets with good lighting, but in the Country it’s not so easy unless one condescends to walk across you whilst in a field and then you don’t have the Camera ready! Today, whilst at my daughter’s house […]