Serotine Bat

A cold winter’s day full of surprises After a long walk on my ‘south patch’ which didn’t prove very productive except good fresh air, I thought I’d pop into the ruins of Bishop’s Waltham Palace grounds to have a peep there. Surprises in wildlife watching cease to amaze me. I thought from afar it was […]


Lockdown kicks in – the wildlife love it Less traffic and less pollution seems to be bringing much benefit to humans and wildlife alike, but of course, we’d rather not be in the middle of a pandemic. In some ways I guess it’s easier for us senior citizens, we don’t need to worry about losing […]

Hedgehog eating Cat Food

Our Resident Fox The Derelict Windmill beside my place is at present a Maternity Ward for some Fox Cubs. As I think I’ve said before, due to a fight or the mating process, the Vixen is only using 3 legs. The affected leg doesn’t seem to have any wounds so I’d guess it’s a sprain […]

Treecreeper Foraging

The last few days of March brought about a few new visitors, some of which returning and one new addition, a Treecreeper. Maybe it’s my failing eyesight, but in two years of taking wildlife photos, I hadn’t come accross any, then like a London Bus I’ve had two sightings in a Month ! Our resident […]

The old Aluminium Bath now pond

A gloomy, dull but dry day, just the job for warming myself up and going round the garden checking out and tidying things up for the wildlife in Spring and Summer. The Pond The pond is actually an old Aluminium Bath. I cleared out the weeds (making sure I wasn’t disturbing any hibernating Frogs) refilled […]

Hedgehog eating cat food

A few weeks ago we had two Hedgehogs visiting us, one big one and one very big one. As I’d found them mating not long before I presumed the larger one was pregnant and presume now she’s found somewhere to have her young. The other one however, presumably the male is still visiting nightly, so […]