Sparrowhawk predating in daytime

Fast, efficient and beautiful, the Sparrowhawk Only the other day I said to someone how I hadn’t seen a Sparrowhawk thus far this year. Mid evening yesterday, about 7.45pm with light almost gone, I walked out the back door to see something in the corner of my eye. No more than six feet away was […]


I’m unsure how much wildlife and nature watching I’ll be doing in June. On the 13th (hopefully not unlucky) I’m in Hospital for an operation and by what I hear, June will be a month where I’m confined to Barracks. However, a good opportunity to really watch what’s what around the Garden, so all is […]

Sparrowhawk with prey

I love Mountains, hills, valleys and rivers, but there’s something aout Dungeness that never ceases to give me pleasure both in scenery and wildlife. Now at the end of July virtually every meadow plant and flower is in full swing and today, I don’t think I have ever seen so many Butterflies, Dragon Flies and […]