Swallow feeding it's young

Nature springs to life in Bishop’s Waltham I say magnificent May for the reason the weather got warmer, wildlife very active and some hope after the Lockdown ending to a certain extent. To get to the more tranquil places around here you first have to walk through more the Dog walker, Cyclists and Jogger parts […]

Male Common Buzzard

Yesterday I went for ‘the long walk’ around my patch, down the Lane, over the fields to the River and back. Besides the Fieldfares there was very little about either with Birds or other wildlife. I got home and thought I’d wrap up, pull out my Garden Chair and see what comes along – it […]

Home made Bird Table

Although the Garden and it’s surrounding are pretty much bird friendly with so many wild Blackberries, Rowan and other fruit etc., I thought it about time to start off feeding the Birds again. Because of the Stream opposite, a Field behind and next door keeping Rabbits, we are somewhat attracted to Rats, so my first […]


Like many coastal reserves, visiting them on a hot day is not always advisable, 1. The birds are all sheltering and 2. there’s never enough shade plus of course,, the settings on your camera need changing for every direction !! However, 27 degrees on 12th. September is not the norm and as it was due […]


Although I go to Dungeness on probably a fortnightly basis (25 minute drive) and have done so for the past year, I hadn’t a photograph of a Sedge Warbler up to now. The Sedge Warbler My day started off just before 10am and it was cold! I walked from the ARC Car Park along to […]