Swallow feeding it's young

Nature springs to life in Bishop’s Waltham I say magnificent May for the reason the weather got warmer, wildlife very active and some hope after the Lockdown ending to a certain extent. To get to the more tranquil places around here you first have to walk through more the Dog walker, Cyclists and Jogger parts […]

Stonechat in November

Dungeness and Conningbrook Late October and early November is a great time for spotting the smaller birds; the leaves are almost off the trees making things more visible and most of our feathered friends are now returning to their favourite Winter residences. Stonechat A trip down to the area around Dungeness Old Lighthouse produced the […]

Dartford Warbler at Arne

Dartford Warblers Day 2 was a special day, I’d photographed a Dartford Warbler from a distance at Minsmere last year but wanting a closer view of one I made it my days quest to find one here at Arne. Dartford Warbler. Bad light so excuse the pixels One of the volunteer RSPB Wardens told me […]

Swallow flying

Swallows I was lucky enough to find a campsite just a mile from the coast, space for 80 Campers and Caravans, but I was only one of four people staying there. In true anti-social fashion I found a spot the furthest away from anyone else and enjoyable the peace and smell of the Farm no […]

Willow Warbler

Willow Warbler Like many, I easily mistake Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs when they show up down the Lane, so when I heard the soft ‘squeaky’ call I looked closey at this little bird flying from branch to branch not giving much chance to take a photo. Luckily one shot came out well and another bad […]

Female Bearded Tit

As I said in my previous post, I was hoping to see a few firsts on this trip and it didn’t let me down. First was a Bearded Tit. Regret to say I didn’t come across a male, but this little beauty more than makes up for it. Beautiful clean lines flittering amongst the reeds […]


Although I go to Dungeness on probably a fortnightly basis (25 minute drive) and have done so for the past year, I hadn’t a photograph of a Sedge Warbler up to now. The Sedge Warbler My day started off just before 10am and it was cold! I walked from the ARC Car Park along to […]


17th.May With the weather quite good I managed a few hours to have a walk around the shoreline and venture along the footpath toward where the Estuary meets Southampton Water. Many of the Waders have now dispersed, just a few Terns, Mallards and Teal about. The Jay On to the Woods then! It was nice […]

Greylag Geese with babies

Saturday 30th. April On my way to visit family in Hastings I left home earlier than required and drove down to Pett Level. Although it was a Bank Holiday Weekend very few people about and those who were weren’t there for the birds. In fact I don’t know what they were there for, maybe the […]