Juvenile Pied Wagtail

I went to Conningbrook Lakes this afternoon for two reasons 1. Hoping to see the reported Turtle Dove and 2. some Snakes. I saw neither of course, but as always, something will take your fancy. Being School Summer Holidays and what I thought was a perfect day for getting out and about after the heatwave, […]

Evening Primrose

A few Wild Flowers around the RSPB Dungeness Reserve today Evening Primrose Probably this is the most seen flower around the Reserve at this time of the year, a fine yellow colourful plant self seeding as it spreads. These will flower between June and September gradually increasing each individual bloom one after the other. Great […]

Wild Field Daisies

Bit of a dodgy hip today so my walk down the Fields was mainly spent looking down rather than looking up, didn’t fancy a fall! This turned out to be a more pleasant walk than I expected; the wildlife buffer around the fields seems to be attracting all sorts of flora which in turn is […]

Hobby at Dungeness

26th. May 2016 Todays outing RSPB Dungeness and the Beach there produced some great sights, even if they were all quite common such as Hobbies, Buntings, Gulls and Dragon Flies. I noticed quite a few Birders around and it came to light that a Laughing Gull had been seen to the west of the Power […]

Grey Wagtail collecting Flies

22nd.May Grey Wagtails are great to watch, always busy, running around the ground searching for either nest building ‘equipment’ or Flies. The Lane has about six at present and at no time do you not walk around the corner without seeing one or two scampering along, then in the evenings they’re down in the Stream […]