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Working from Home, the pro's and con's

Less overheads, but working at home isn't always easy

Over the past seven years I've had some experience of this, both working from home and working in it.

Nowadays I spend quite a lot of time working on the website and a few other projects, so I have, to a certain degree, the T Shirt !


Obviously you are cutting a lot of overheads regardless of what you're doing;
You can set things how you like.
You can have an earlier start
A later finish.
You're not being watched over by anyone,
You're saving on petrol costs
Not paying a rent for workspace
Not having to load and unload things into your vehicle all the time
You have control over your working environment
Lean people toward them coming to you etc.,etc.

THE CON'S (With suggestions)

I'm afraid that in many ways, these can outweigh the pro's. I call these the 3D effect = Distraction, Distraction and Distraction!

Cat's (and dogs). Having a cat is hard enough when they're pestering you all day for food or trying to sit on your lap whilst doing a complicated Excel Broadsheet. If you, like me have three, you have a nervous breakdown within half an hour of starting!
Suggestion - Lock yourself in a Shed or Room and discipline yourself not to hear them.

TV - Always a possibility for distraction. You stop for a quick sandwich, switch the TV on, but can't leave until you know how much the 1937 French Ceramic Plate sells for.
Suggestion; Padlock the TV Room and give your partner the Key.

The Garden - Similar to TV really. Too easy to have a stroll round it and see something which needs doing or simply sit in the Sun Lounger for 40 winks which ends up as 80.
Suggestion - Set out daytime schedules to include 'free time' and stick to it.

Kids - They tend to come home early, and the combination of the above can put your plans right out.
Suggestion - Be strict with them and yourself and have a 'quiet hour' where if they're going to play their music or games, they wear headphones.

Telephone - People get to know you're working at home and seem to think you have all the time in the world to have a chat about something. It's nice to have that, but it's not getting the work done.
Suggestion - Buy a phone which displays the number calling so you know who not to answer. If it's a ;number not available', don't even think about answering; it's either someone chasing you for money or trying to make you spend it!

So, the 3D now becomes 'Discipline, Discipline, Discipline'!

The benefit seeds of working at home will only ripen if you have a strict regime, self motivation, determination and a desire to reach your goal.
I think there is a big misconception about working from home being the ideal, it's not easy, unless you are single, live in a flat, don't have any pets, friends or a desire to eat occasionally.

It depends how far you want to take it and the particular business you are carrying out

Downshifting or 'career change' doesn't mean leaving all you've done behind you.
There are many skills you can take out of the job you were so keen to get out of maybe, especially Management.
It is far easier to manage others than it is to manage yourself!

Although you may not think so when first doing something new, I believe that most people find they need certain skills they've had in 'previous life'  AND use them to their advantage.

Even in frugality and the simpler life - efficiency is the key.


Where possible, isolate yourself. I have a converted Garden Shed!

I'm not strangling him, but he feels the need to sit in front of the screen! Of course, you could try fixing the old outhouse!

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