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The Village of Appledore in Kent

The best of both world's, marshes and hills

appledore kent - the Royal Military Canal
A view from the Road Bridge toward Rye. WW2 Pill Box on right

The Village of Appledore has two great things going for it scenery wise; to the South you have rolling low hills full of woodland and to the South, immediately at the end of the Village, the beginning of Walland Marsh, although still known to many as the Romney Marsh.

It's more or less a one street Village lined with Cottages and Houses with pretty front gardens and a hint that Kent is nearly at an end and Sussex is just down the road.
You're never short of seeing quite a few people wandering about, either Visitors enjoying the Tea Rooms, Antique Shops and three Public Houses or locals popping into the Village Stores and Post Office.

Another feature of the Village is the passing by of the Royal Military Canal which was original built as a defence system against any invasion from Napoleon. As it happened Napoleon didn't make it to England, nor did the Germans in the 1940's when the many Pill Boxes were built along the Canal and in the surrounding Fields and Woodland.
It was later known of course that they had no intention of invading along the Kentish Coast but further west at Pevensey and beyond.
However, it all adds up to a very scenic, beautiful 'river', full of Fish and a base camp for much wild life.

It should be said there was one French invasion in the 14th. Century when the Village Church (St. Peter's and St.Paul) was burnt down.

The Village was once a part of the River Rother Estuary and used by the invading Danish Army on their mission to defeat the Saxons, but this came to nothing. It ceased being a Port following a great Storm in the 13th.Century which shifted the River's course.

Appledore has also a history of local and national rebellions, in 1381 Villagers joined the forces of the Peasants Revolt, then later in the late 15th. Century linked up with the Kentish Rebel Jack Cade in his attempts to reform Government.
Later in the 19th.Century, the Aldington Gang of close by Ruckinge led by the Ransley family (some still living around the Ashford area - I know one of them!) were very active in their smuggling pursuits around this area.

Appledore is on the border of Ashford Borough Council, a 13 mile car ride southwards which will take approx. 25 minutes.
Appledore Railway Station, on the single track Ashford to Hastings line, is some two miles to the east of the Village.

Appledore Kent from the Canal

The Romney and Walland Marshes are ideal for the Cyclist who doesn't like hills and one way of visiting Appledore is to cycle along the side of the Canal from Rye, a distance of only 6 miles. From there you can meander along a mixture of Marshland and Woodland to Brenzett, Lydd and back to Rye. A total distance of about 24 miles. You will meet quite a few Cyclists on the way I assure you!



Appledore Kent - The Church

Two photo's of the Village Centre

Appledore Village in Kent

Appledore Folower Show preparation

Preparations taking place in the Church for the 2012 Flower Show

Ashford in Kent

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