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The Village of Pluckley

The Darling Buds of May and a dozen or more Ghosts!

Pluckley Village Centre
Pluckley Village Centre. Both the Shop (left) and Public House (right) were used for the Darling Buds of May Series.

Pluckley is a beautiful almost untouched Village about 5 miles west of Ashford. The short distance to Ashford with all it's International Rail links plus having a Railway Station of it's own, it has attracted many Professional people to live there.

All be it a very old and well recorded Village, it's two claims to fame are 1. It was the location for the very popular ITV series 'The Darling Buds of May' in the 1990's and 2. It is reputed to be the most haunted Village in England with some 12 or more Ghosts roaming around doing 'their thing'!

Almost every building in the Village Centre plus the Church were used in the television series. The Larkin Families residence for the series is slightly further south towards Bethersden, Buss Farm. Due to high hedgerows there is just a glimpse of the Farm in Winter, the Farm is very kept private except for the occasional opening during the Summer month's.
Should you ever visit the Reindeer Centre, Buss Farm is right next to it.

As for the Ghosts, these range from a Highwayman to a School Master who hanged himself, Lady Dering who apparently haunts the Church and the Spirit in the Black Horse Public House who moves things around and occasionally shuts the Landlady out! We won't mention the screams often heard in the Brickworks Site!

St.Nicholas Church, Pluckley
St. Nicholas Church - Bangs under the floor and flickering lights

Walking around the Village and viewing the surrounding countryside it is easy to imagine the Village not only in the 1950's, but in almost any other time going back some three or so hundred years.
It's also just as easy to get lost in the maze of little single track Lane's which link the surrounding Villages and Hamlet's via Farmland and more beautiful Kentish Houses.

In some ways it's a shame the Village has been lost in unreality if you like. The Ghost Stories and the TV series have left their mark on the place, but to be fair, both offer a very fair description and feel for the area.

Without a doubt, the triangle between Ashford, Pluckley and Appledore has some of the prettiest Houses and scenery in Kent.




Pluckley Church from Village Centre
Pluckley in Summer

Edith in Darling Buds of May house, Pluckley
Near the Church, Darling Buds of May Edith's house

Converted Oast House near Pluckley Kent
The Lanes of Kent are full of converted Oasts like this

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