The Romney Marsh

Where Ashford meets the flat wetlands

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The borders of the Romney Marshes

From Woodland to Marshland in just a step or two

Royal Military Canal Bilsington
Royal Military Canal - Looking west from the road bridge south of Bilsington

To the south, Ashford Borough Council just edges on to the famous Romney Marshes and for some six miles or so between Appledore and Bonnigton to the east on the B2067 you are in a land of green Woodland one side of you and the barren, desolate and flat mysterious landscape of the Romney Marshes.

The Villages along this stretch are filled with legendry stories of Smuggling and more. It was seen that to navigate your Bounty from the English Channel landing place to these parts, you were almost home and dry - dry being the operative word as these are indeed wetlands.

From Appledore in the west you go through Warehorne, Kenardington before coming to Ham Street a crossing point of the A28 Ashford to Hastings Road, a small Village but with a Railway Station and an active community.

From there you come accross Ruckinge, a small Hamlet whish has it's Church as the main feature. Walking around the Graveyard at the back you are encountered with a fine view accross the Marshes. The notorious Ransley Brother's of 'the Aldington Gang' were reputed to be buried here after their hanging in July 1821.
Their are spooky stories galore about the demise of the Gang and many local Houses and Public Houses have strong connections with them.

Bilsington Tower Kent

A couple of miles on you will see a Tower standing alone in the fields just south of Bilsington. This is accessible by walking accross the Cricket Ground opposite the very old St.Peter and St.Paul Church.

The Tower is a monument built in memory of Sir William Richard Cosway. Built a year after Cosway's death through a Coaching accident in London in 1835, it stands 52 feet high and offers wonderful views to the south. Cosway's claim to fame was, as a well known good Landlord, he fought for better conditions and wages for Farm Labourers.
It is written in the Vestry Minute Books of that time, he paid £150 to assist four families to move to the USA thus giving them a better life.

So, a look around this area and popping into the Churches will give you much insight to English History and we mustn't of course forget the Romney Marsh Sheep who have been bred and grazed here for many a century, the Land, the Air and general geography giving them a second to none recommendation for both Food and Wool.


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Bilsington Church Romney MarshesBilsington Church

A well kept Bus Stop at Warehorne

Ruckinge Church _________________________

Ashford in Kent

beware sheep Romney Marshes
The sign on the Church Door at Bilsington