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Three pages of selected Chicken Coop Suppliers for you to browse

Poultry Houses on Ebay

A Down the Lane page linked to all the latest Chicken and Poultry Houses coming up for Auction or Sale shortly

Chicken Coops Direct

Five Wooden Coops with quality and value in mind. Look out for the ever changing Special Offers. Fast delivery time and prompt replies to any questions. New - The Chicken Run Range

Taylors Garden Buildings

Amongst huge ranges of Garden Sheds, Avaries, Greenhouses and other Garden buildings, Taylor Garden Buildings offer a great and diverse range of Chicken and Hen Houses

Coops from Amazon

You'll be surprised at what else Amazon sell !
Here's a good range of Housing, Coops, Runs and Arks for you to peruse before those little blighters arrive!!

Eglu Chicken Coop Systems

Since introducing Plastic Chicken Housing, Eglu have gone from strength to strength. You pay more, but there are some benefits. Also, a live feed from ebay featuring second hand Eglu's.

Garden Sheds from Ebay - Ideal Conversion

Many people, if they are keeping their Chickens in one place, find a Garden Shed with a DIY attached Run the easier and best option

Interior of the Dorset Chicken House from Chicken Coops Direct....

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Poultry Housing

Chicken-Coops Direct
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Hen Houses from Taylors
Coops from Amazon

Eglu Chicken Coops
Used Eglu Chicken Coops

Garden Sheds for Hen

Fencing for Chickens

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Automatic Door Openers

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Chicken Theme Gifts

Chicken Keeping Books

Choose wisely and remember if new to Chickens, you'll probably get more of them in a couple of month's time!!

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