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What Chickens mean to me

By Forum Member Julie - I have three chickens who brighten my day and cant wait open the bedroom blinds when i wake to see them, my husband goes to work at 4am ish and opens the coop and attatches the run usually lucy little brown one falls down the ramp into the food pot it is so funny the other shop bought ones dont wake until 8am (shop hours) i heard of people giving them ice lollies with feed in them, ie. pellet lollies, may give them a try ha ha, but yes they are very special, and usually our cat tiddles watches them constantly she tries to say hello and most of the time they dont bother with her but sometimes chase her off, she likes it best when they are in the run when we are at work hates it when we let them out when we get home we are very happy with our chickens, should be a warning about giving them your garden though lol

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