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"What Chickens mean to me"

by Forum Members..

My Girls are beautiful. They thunder out of their cube in the morning, and have a drink and something to eat. As its really cold I give them some warm porrige, corn and a few meal worms. They forage round all morning, then stand at the gate waiting for their cabbage. That creates much excitement. I go and chat to them during the day, they are great time wasters. In the evening they have a bowl of rice, corn and meal worms to go to bed on. I put two bowls out because the origional hens arent very good at sharing sometimes.
My hens are, Clarice, top hen and Spice my ginger girls, Henrietta and Clara hybrid Rhodies, Belle, a blubelle, Alice White Sussex and Bramble a Domino Ranger.
I love them all to bits, and can't imagine life with out them. Little Brown Hen


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