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Gardening without Power Tools

Is this frugality possible, or is it a nightmare!

I'm always harping back to my childhood days of the 1950's, but after all, it is a very good era to get frugal ways from and my Grandfather's garden was no exception and fifty years on or so has helped me immensely in my grugal and simple life quest.

We look around our Tool Sheds now and assuming we have a reasonable size garden, count the number of power or power assisted tools we have; the Lawnmower, the Strimmer, Hedgecutter are almost certs to own, then you go further with Electric Saws, Chainsaws, Cultivators and more.

The only items above which some had back then were maybe the Lawnmower and Cultivator.
Motor Mowers were owned by the few, mainly the gardeners who wanted the stripes and they would be looked after with tender loving care, not disposable after three years as they are now. I remember well the constant oiling and cleaning my Grandfather did with his, after every cut; ah, the smell still floods my memory!

Garden Power Tools have to be a great step forward in technology; they save enormous amounts of time thus allowing us to sit down more and enjoy the garden we've toiled over for 12 month's a year.

Back in the 50's, the only Power Lawnmowers were the Roller type, now we have the Hovers and the Rotaries.
What is the alternative? The old push / pull! The mind boggles doesn't it!

Then there's the cost of fairly decent Garden Power Tools ie Rotary Self Propelled Petrol Mower £400, Petrol Strimmer £130, Hedgecutter £100 plus etc. It soon adds up and if you don't maintain them well, these costs can be repeated every three or four years, if not less.

We are in an era of 'disposable', because technology is gaining speed with time, there's always a better, faster, more efficient model, so Manufacturers know this when they bring something out; TV's and Cars are a fine example.

So, are Garden Power Tools really necessary? - No, but life would be a lot more difficult without them!

Making light work of cutting the grass, a good self-propelled Rotary Mower

Strimming the Chicken Run. With a Sythe about four hours, with a Strimmer, about four minutes!

What don't we
really need?
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Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration. Lou Erickson