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JOGLE route - Exeter to Launceston

Day 20 of my end to end cycle ride

John O'Groats to Land's End at Dartmoor
Going along the top edge of Dartmoor

I knew that after Exeter I was on the home run so to speak. I looked at the map and found an easy to follow route which would keep me off the A30 and seemed to take in some lovely countryside as well. I was not disappointed in both respects.

A quick exit from the City and over the River Bridge took me onto the roundabout where the road which ran parallel to the A30 and up into the hills. In fact, the hills weren't as bad as I was expecting, maybe due to my finishing post getting closer! I was intrigued to know what Pathfinder Village was all about, I'd seen it on the map and didn't know what to expect. Seems it's just a Village filled with static mobile homes, but I may be wrong.

Along this road you go through lovely little villages, each one of which has a Pub which visually looks nicer than the last one!

I saw a convenient place to stop. There were three Motor Cyclists there. One had a brand new Harley and the Exhaust had gone on it, they were frantically phoning around for help. Upon my departure I bid them a nice farewell with a 'good luck'. The one with the broken down Bike retorted in a slightly sarcastic manner "Yeah see you Mate, you watch those bends on that machine". I couldn't resist it.... "Will do, at least it looks like I'll be reaching them before you". I awaited the roar from the two other Bikes, but I think they obviously saw it as a good reply as well!

A few miles and a few miles later, I rounded a bend, saw a very well kept Rugby Stadium and right next to it, the sign saying 'Welcome to Cornwall'. This was a teeny bit emotional I have to say.

No sooner had I cross into Cornwall I was confronted with the steepest hill of the trip so far. There was no way around it as Launceston is built on top of the steep inclines up to it!!

I wearily pushed my bike up that one, the thoughts of twanging something in the legs now was a nightmare thought! At the top I found it to be well worth the extra few heartbeats, a town at last which seemed unspoiled by the stack em high attitude of Architects and Councils between them during previous decades.

I asked about B&B's, they seemed all just outside town and I didn't fancy the downhill tour to find one, find it full, then cycle back again. It was only after a few minutes I thought about asking the Hotel which I was standing right next to! They had a room, only £40 B&B and ideal for a stroll around after a meal.

It was a lovely older style place with floors which made you feel drunk after every few feet, up, down, sideways, up etc., but it all kind of adding up to a story to tell finishing stretch. I loved it there that night.

Thatched roof pub in Devon
If you were doing a Pub crawl, there's loads of these!

Welcome to Cornwall - Launceston
My final County!

Launceston Town Centre
Launceston Town Centre. Somewhere unspoiled.

White Hart Hotel Launceston
My grand Hotel, floors as hilly as outside!

End to End
The Route and Diaries and finally..