Burton Mere Wirral

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Burton Mere Wirral

Post by Mo »

My grandson had been given binoculars by his grandpa and wanted me to take him bird watching. Not too far to Burton Mere and a good hide/reception area with big windows. As I expected there were helpful people who told him what he was looking at. Then we went for a walk to the next hide and saw some more. We were half way along but after a picnic in the hide he'd had enough.
He came home and wrote it up for our blog.
He seemed to know how to focus the binoculars & point in the right direction, I asked him what shape the avocet's beak was, and he told me.
But I'm not sure how many birds he expected to see, he thought there would be more sorts. I thought the list
Mallard ducks
Grey heron
Moorhens and their chicks
Little egret
Canada geese
Black tailed godwit
Blue tit
Wood pigeon
was quite respectable, especially as he'd not seen some of them before.
His favourites were the moorhen chicks - all sizes, one in a nest, several bobbing along behind mum and one walking on a lily-pad.
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Re: Burton Mere Wirral

Post by Gwenoakes »

Like you Mo, I thought that was a good amount to see. It looks like a very nice place to go, but alas too far from us in Lincolnshire.
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Re: Burton Mere Wirral

Post by Richard »

Yes, about right for this time of the year.

If you can get there, late September, early October would be good for the migrants.

At this quieter time of the year many Birders turn their attention to Moths and Butterflies.

Richard )t' )t'
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