Christmas wrapping paper!

Special offers etc. you've come across out & about or online
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Christmas wrapping paper!

Post by wildlifemad »

Went in Matalan yesterday & they have a sale on already (I don't think they are the only ones). They were selling 10 metre rolls of luxury Xmas paper for £1 each, I got 3 ready for the next couple of years! Its the way I always buy it. I've finished my shopping for this year but did have a look for next year but nothing caught my eye. The girl at the till couldn't believe I was buying for next year!!
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Re: Christmas wrapping paper!

Post by Richard »

This is one of my bah humbug points about Christmas.

Your ideas great Wildlifemad, what a bargain )t'

I find that doing all the fancy wrapping and the cost of buying it, when most people, especially kids, will just rip it apart and bin it, is really silly.

I sit there and watch it all going in the bin and just see it as a £20 note chucked away.

I open all my prezzies (about 5 !!!) and neatly save the paper for myself next year - and the ribbons etc.

For two years in a row, I just wrapped everything up in newspaper from next door, the gift cards are old Christmas cards and ribbons from previous Christmas !!


Richard )x5(
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Re: Christmas wrapping paper!

Post by Spreckly »

Richard, you are a man after my own heart! I too save wrapping paper, haven't bought any for several Christmases, though do confess to sometimes buying birthday present paper, etc.

I have been known to iron wrapping paper as well. I have a small stash of gift tags made from Christmas cards. This year most of the family will be receiving money, apart from my three sons who I buy a chocolate organge for, something I have done since they were school children. They are now in their late forties, early fifties! So they are neatly wrapped in re-cycled paper, and waiting to be received.
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Re: Christmas wrapping paper!

Post by Meanqueen »

I am in agreement here with Richard. The wheelie bins will be stuffed with screwed up and torn wrapping paper after Christmas. Any paper will do. Collect it up all the year round. Carefully open gifts that come into your possession. Save the paper.

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