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I find that I can't read my TV screen - quizzes like Pointless put the clues up (designed for widescreen I suppose) and my little old fashioned 14"x12" screen is just too small for me to see from my sofa across the room (about 11' away). Same with snooker scores.

but I know nothing about widescreen TV.

My present one plugs in to a Humax box.

What questions should I ask?
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Re: TV

Post by Richard »

Hi Mo

Is the Humax Freesat ?
Is your Aerial a Dish or the old type ?

Are you buying a new TV ?

Richard )t'
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Re: TV

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Mo wrote:my little old fashioned 14"x12" screen

wow, even a budget 32" is going to look "wide screen" and a whole different experience to you LOL {hug}

A lot of TVs are HDMI ready so have all the ports to plug in satellite / cable / DVD etc etc. I very much doubt your old tv had HDMI, but did it have a port for a SCART cable and is that what you used to plug in your Humax box (sorry, never heard of that)? A SCART plug has a couple of rows of pins inside it, and the 2 plugs (one for the tv, the other to a tv box) is connected by a thick rubberised flat cable (each pin has a wire connecting it to the pin on the other plug) In either case, you may find you might have to update your tv box at the same time as a lot of the tvs for sale nowadays are for more modern digital equipment that use the HDMI (like USB) plugs rather than SCART
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