Spinach and cheese flan

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Spinach and cheese flan

Post by albertajune »

Sorting out the fridge before doing my usual shop, I found a bag of baby leaf spinach, about 4ozs chedder cheese, a small lump of dolcelata cheese and 1/2 pot of double cream, onion and 1/2 red pepper.
I always have puff pastry in the freezer so that came out.

Firstly sliced an onion finely and a couple of cloves of garlic and put in a pan to sweat. Added the finely sliced red pepper and cooked until tender.

Wilted the spinach and drained thoroughly then mixed into the onion mix. Added 1 beaten egg and 2 tablspoons cream. Seasoned.

Rolled out pastry into a rectangle and just rolled over the edges to give added thickeness.

Spread the spinach mix onto the base and crumbled the cheeses over the top. Baked in oven 200degC until risen and brown.

Even my meat eating OH has asked me to make it again. I should have taken a photo as it looked and tasted so good.

I thought it might be something that you would like to try. I used what I had, but I suppose any cheese would do and other things could be added to the spinach mix.
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Re: Spinach and cheese flan

Post by saint-spoon »

yum-yum pig's posterior. sounds delish.
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Re: Spinach and cheese flan

Post by ChrisG »

That sounds really yummy )t'
Chris xx

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Re: Spinach and cheese flan

Post by Lillia »

I definitely want to try this, June. I love spinach and eat it every day. It sounds delicious.
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Re: Spinach and cheese flan

Post by Benny&Co »

Yum yum yum June, that sounds delicious )eat(
Bev x
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