What tinned food do you buy?

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What tinned food do you buy?

Post by Richard »

I only buy maybe Baked Beans and the occasional Creamed Rice, maybe the odd tin of Tuna but that's about it.

I can understand that some products have to be tinned.

My question is though.....

Are we not losing a lot of the goodness through tinned food, especially fruit and vegetables?

Richard )t'
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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by MissEllie »

I agree but i guess sometimes its all about convenience. We buy tinned tomatoes, baked beans, hotdogs and tuna but that's about it.
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Mrs B

Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by Mrs B »

Corned beef, tinned toms, chopped toms, beans, sweetcorn, soups, tuna and salmon oh and custard which I use rarely but always have at least 1 in the pantry cupboard
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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by ChrisG »

Chopped tomatoes (for convenience), sweetcorn and tuna, and the occasional tin of corned beef or Heinz tomato soup. Everything else is fresh or frozen.
Chris xx

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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by wendy »

Yes tinned tomatoes, baked beans. Also kidney beans, aduki, blackeyed, lentils and all that type of stuff I cannot be bothered to cook, as they take so long.

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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by LittleBrownFrog »

We use tinned tomatoes and baked beans. I keep a couple of tins of mixed bean salad in, for my lunch if I've not been organised enough for anything else. That's all for day to day food.
I do keep an 'in case of emergency' stock, and that contains various tins/packets that we wouldn't normally buy.
When I'm gardening properly, I also preserve quite a lot of food, which I suppose is much the same thing as using tinned food.
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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by Knikitta »

Hotdogs for the children, tuna, chopped tomatoes (only because I have had four years of blight! }hairout{ ) and there is also a random tin of Scotch Broth in my cupboard as well.

Everything else is fresh or frozen and I always try to buy from the local Farmers Market... still no luck finding a local butcher/baker though. {cry}
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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by rhubarb93 »

Much like everyone else - beans, chickpeas, tomatoes (mostly for use in chilli, fresh otherwise), tuna. An emergency tin of soup which I occasionally use as a base and add fresh veg to. Occasional tin of apricots to cook a chicken apricot casserole with, odd tin of corned beef. Otherwise all fresh.
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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by Spreckly »

Some soups - for camping, baked beans, spaghetti, rice, peaches, tomatoes, occasional tuna and salmon, think that's all.
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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by lancashire lass »

Like everyone else I have got the usual baked beans, sweetcorn, corned beef and tuna, and even tins of whole tomatoes (these are my emergency rations when the home made passata runs out)

I also have a range of tinned meals :oops: like chilli, beef stew, various curries which I buy in when on special offer ... but before you think I'm sad LOL, they actually come in quite useful when I don't have the time or inclination to prepare a proper meal that takes too long to cook. I'll cook a pan of vegetables (all home grown of course and in summer lots of courgettes & new potatoes, in winter I'll use up the squashes, plus maincrop spuds and garlic etc as well as what is in the freezer), then add the tinned stuff (so it's all in one pan). Depends on how much water/juices were in the vegetables, sometimes a few gravy granules for thickening at the end and a little extra seasoning (usually pepper) It is surprisingly tasty and satisfying. And when I get home from a hard day at work, it is quick (only veg to prepare and throw into a pan) and is still nutritious - before I discovered this quick cook method I would probably have gone down to the chippy or just had cornflakes or something stupid because I couldn't be bothered to cook. And there's usually plenty left over to be reheated next day.
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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by Mad Chick »

We use the usual chopped tomatoes, baked beans, kidney beans, tinned spaghetti (for the kids - yuk!), tuna and sardines. We also normally have a couple of tins of peaches and some custard for emergency puds )t'

I love soup but always make it myself from fresh apart from Heinz tomato soup which tastes nothing like tomato but I love it with a bit of grated cheese on top when I'm feeling in need of comfort food :oops:

I much prefer tinned sweetcorn to frozen, it seems to have a much better flavour but Nick says it's too expensive so I have to have the frozen stuff )gr:

I thought the canning process was very healthy - equivalent to freezing. Is this wrong? >coc<
Lucy x

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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by albertajune »

I mainly buy all types of beans (not green beans), chopped tomatoes in natural juice,
all types of tinned fish for jacket pots and sandwiches and the odd tin of evaporated milk.
I don't think that any goodness is lost in the canning process, rather too much salt and sugar added.
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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by Annie »

Lucy I think you are absolutely right - at least according to much of the literature that Mum had, in fact there are some advantages to canning (you can keep tine much longer than frozen for a start off). Of course freezing your own has to be the best option of all but not many have enough produce to see them all the way through to the next growing season do they ?
What do I buy - all the usually ru n of the mill stuff you have mentioned but my extra is mushy peas - got to have them now and again ( prefer the ones you soak overnight but never seemed able to remember to do that)
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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by p.penn »

Toms, beans, tuna, and I always have some tinned fruit in for jellies or emergency puds for the kids (in juice not syrup), also condensed milk for banoffee pies. >ck<
Helen xx

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Re: What tinned food do you buy?

Post by Benny&Co »

We have:

Sweetcorn (for the girls)
Chick peas
Mixed beans
Bev x
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