It's Jam making time !!!

Recipes, Cooking tips and maybe some 'Home Made' secrets !
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Re: It's Jam making time !!!

Post by albertajune »

Managed to get abt 3 lbs of apples from the tree in a field opposite me. Not easy as the ground around the tree is covered by brambles . Did make 3 jars of lovely apple and ginger jam. I usually give some away but as only 3 jars will be greedy and keep them for myself.
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Re: It's Jam making time !!!

Post by manda »

jacquih wrote:I made plum jam from some windfalls I got given,but I don't do the traditional saucepan on stove method,but use the microwave instead,so easy least,and so clean,I make marmalade from marmade using this way too,does anybody else do this?
Jacquih :-D

Not made jam in the microwave Jacqui...have you got a recipe (especially for the maramlade...hubby loves marmalade).
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