Won't eat his greens ....

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Won't eat his greens ....

Post by HazellB »

My young Saluki is a very, very picky eater, as many sighthounds are. He's on wet food, raw meat, roasted meat, eggs and bread mainly and we frankly have a running battle some weeks to get calories into him. They just don't feel hunger like other dogs.

Yesterday we were in my pet food shop (oh, the irony!) when a friend came in from the café near by with a full sunday lunch on a plate. Would Basil the Saluki, she wondered, like it? I shrugged and said why not - he'd already refused breakfast and lunch, another wasted meal was no great loss.

Blow me if he didn't start gobbling it down.

Thing is, for a dog who's never in his 18 months with us emptied a plate, he had to leave something didn't he. He sucked the gravy off and spat out every single pea {rofwl}

So the Jack Russell had peas for lunch :-D

What do your dogs spit out (if anything!)?
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Re: Won't eat his greens ....

Post by manda »

{rofwl} {rofwl}

Jack loves mayonnaise so we gave him a bit of lettuce with mayo...sucked the mayo off and spat out the lettuce.....he can't stand the stuff....but everything else he will pretty much inhale (well he is a lab).

Our JR will eat anything ...we have to be really careful though as she has a real thing about raw potato peelings sile}
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Re: Won't eat his greens ....

Post by wendy »

Dave would not eat for a few days at a time for years. He is fed raw.
When the accident happened and then Josie died he would go 4 days without eating. }hairout{ Such a worry aren't they ? But with some work he eats everyday now. But he only eats carrots !.
With my other dogs they got all manner of veg, but Kei [Akita] just wouldn't eat cooked sprouts. He would eat all round them as well.
Funny aren't they ?

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Re: Won't eat his greens ....

Post by Mo »

My inlaws had a staffie that wouldn't eat peas either. Picked then out and left them.
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Re: Won't eat his greens ....

Post by Spreckly »

Angel is dead picky. Since starting her last season she has been worse than ever. She will leave all or some of her kibble, but normally wolfs down the canned dog food. Some times she will leave the canned food. I agree, it is a worry.
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Re: Won't eat his greens ....

Post by jemberelli »

Lollies the same. She was fed raw until her first season when she refused to touch it. She now has a raw chicken leg for one meal and tinned for the other but often refuses to touch her meals at all for days on end. I figure she'll eat when she's hungry - she is in fine fettle so no worries really. She's another who will pick round the peas and leave them - fussy little devil!
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