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Re: Luca

Post by wendy »

He is a lovely gentle boy, Bluefinch

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Re: Luca

Post by bikesandbirdsbob »

Hi Wendy ,I never worry about the animals in your care as they fall on their feet. I do worry about you though . Hope you are ok and wake up in the morning saying I will be as happy as I make it to be . How about taking the dogs for a walk one day ,Sure my dogs would get on well with yours and the company over a coffee will do me good .
Your not a long way away and the dogs love a different place to wonder around.
The offer is there , up to you to grab .
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Re: Luca

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Dear Wendy, what a generous loving soul you have. Your dog's are blessed to have you. Take care and sending you a big hug {hug}
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