Pet Insurance, the old chestnut

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Pet Insurance, the old chestnut

Post by Spreckly »

I have contacted Mo..... Th...n, the insurance company Angel is with. My bill is £134+.

I couldn't believe my ears when I was told that the excess is one hundred pounds, and I would receive £27 in insurance money. There is a ten per cent charge on top of the excess.

For years we have had our dogs insured. When we retired we cancelled the three insurances, and did we regret it! They all needed surgery or vet attention, so when I got Nation, I insured her. Thank goodness I did, as her last illness prompted a very high bill.

But now, I am considering cancelling my policy with M T. Two years ago my monthly payment jumped up to £46+, so I downgraded the policy and now pay £25+ a month.

I am not claiming for the recent treatment, it is hardly worth it, and I am so amazed about the excess. Seriously considering putting the money away each month, as I know several of you have done for a long time.

In the past I have been with P.t Pl.. and one other, all hiked the subs up after a couple of years. In five years I have only had one claim for Angel, plus the current one.
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Re: Pet Insurance, the old chestnut

Post by Gwenoakes »

We have always insured our animals and been extremely grateful that we did.
With Lexi, Clare's previous dog a bill of in excess of 7k was run up. With Jack the 18hh shire, his was in excess of 10k, Saintly the TBred was in the thousands and only last year with the mini Shetland, Jasmine it was in the thousands when she had colic and there was no surgery involved with that, they just flushed the blockage out, so they have a lot of catching up on us with the premiums.
They do keep hiking up the premiums though and what is even worse with horses is that once you have claimed on a certain body part they will not cover any future problems there. At least smaller animals can in some can have life long cover for problems that keep coming back.
Perhaps when you downgraded the insurance the excess was higher and unless you check all the really small print you get caught out.
I still feel for you though, Spreckly.
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