hydrotherapy petition

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hydrotherapy petition

Post by Mo »

This has just been emailed to me. I don't know enough to sign. so I won't. Some of you know more - what do you think
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Re: hydrotherapy petition

Post by Gwenoakes »

No dog should be in a pool without someone in the pool with them. They will ingest water which can end life if toys are thrown into a pool and any play in the pool with toys must be monitored very, very closely.
If your dog is sick after sessions then the chances are that they are ingesting water, but not enough to be fatal.......yet
We have learnt since opening up canine hydro centre of countless so called 'registered' businesses which do not adhere to the above. Also another pointer is that ramps either inside or outside of the pool be fixed to prevent dogs getting trapped in between the pool and ramp causing serious injury which we have also been told about.
Another pointer is that the water should be monitored frequently throughout the day and any problem rectified immediately with the chemicals. The pool area will smell of chlorine obviously because it is being used, but should not be too powerful as this is an indication of dirty water. Another indication of the chemicals not being correct is that the water turns green.
Dogs should be gradually given longer in the pool as sessions progress and the dog gets able to cope more, but always, always should have their breathing/heart monitored during resting periods on the ramp and notes made after each session.
What most surprised us was that the owners of the dogs that have been brought here thought it was ok for all of the above, simply because they knew no better and trusted the hydro therapist.
Usually the centres that are members of an association charge more too.
Unfortunately like everything in life because you are a member of a particular association does not make you a competent person whatever job you are doing.
I think that some pet insurances are pushing people to use the centres that are registered with an association because unless they do they will not pay out on complimentary therapies such as hydro etc.
Another note to be aware of is that dogs and animals are classed as chattels and do not have feelings anymore than a car you own, so I am not surprised this owner did not get anywhere.
My only advice to any pet owner would be to get pet owners to research the do's and dont's (there is plenty of info out there on line) and quizz the hydro therapist on what exactly they do.
An add on, go and visit the hydro centre taking your dog with you also.
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