Body and mind don't work together

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Body and mind don't work together

Post by albertajune »

3 dys ago I decided to have a good sort out in my garden. Had a good day. However during the night tried to turn over and couldn't move for the pain across the top of my bottom and down both thighs. First day up just couldn't do anything without wanting to cry, so did visit the GP. She gave me an examination and decided it was muscle pain and to take very strong co=codimol throughout the day and before bed take 1 with a paracetamol. Except for waking up once with heartburn I had a really good nights sleep and managed to have a shower. Not right yet but can manage to walk slowly and do a little pottering about. My sister has been brilliant in giving Beau his walks which I couldn't attempt.
All this boils down to being sensible and not attempting to do things that I could do just a couple of years ago. I have done a bit of decorating but decided that what hasn't been done must be left. If only my body and mind would work together...
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Re: Body and mind don't work together

Post by wendy »

Mind making appointments the body can't keep.
Guilty of that sometimes. )grin2(
Rest up, take the tablets and take care

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Re: Body and mind don't work together

Post by Meanqueen »

I am cutting down on my really long walks now, by long I mean 20 miles a day for 7 days. There has been times in the past when I have collapsed onto a hotel bed, but ready to go the next morning. Going up and down hills slows me down, and the muscle ache in my thighs is very uncomfortable, making each step painful. When miles from anywhere there is only one thing to do, walk through it. After three days it gets easier.

It all depends what you are used to and knowing your limits. I am reducing my miles a little bit now, just done 28 miles over three days, the longest day was 16.5. I could have done a bit more.

I will not let my head dictate to my body what it can and can't do. I will carry on pushing myself, just not as hard as I did before. Muscles seize up if you don't use them, gentle exercise is better than no exercise. Just know your limits.

June, do little and often. Ten minutes a day rather than half a day of strenuous slog.

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Re: Body and mind don't work together

Post by Mo »

Don't we all know about wanting to do what we used to.
Whitby Folk Festival has just finished, I've not measured how many miles I walked this week, the last 2 years it's been 3 -5 miles a day but up & down hills and cliffs. And that doesn't count the miles of dancing (well, even if you thought you might sit one out it would be rude to refuse). On Thurs night I couldn't get to sleep for aching knees. Friday the hills seemed even steeper, and at bedtime when I took my socks off I saw my ankles twice their size. Back to normal this morning, a gentle paddle (only had time to look over a wall at the sea until then) and drive home to catch up. Must unpack.
Home your aches & pains soon go - we must act our age (never!)
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Re: Body and mind don't work together

Post by Spreckly »

Oh dear all of you. June, hopefully you have learned to do a lot less, but it is tempting when we see jobs waiting to be tackled. {hug}
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