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Well, I've been all through this topic, 10 years and 14 pages worth, but can't find it. P.pen are you still a choir member?
I joined Tatton Singers last year inspired by finding that there are websites to help you learn your part for many works (the first one I found was the alto for Handels Messiah, which a local group was inviting people to come and sing).
We had a concert last Sat, like many choirs this year we commemorated the end of WW1 with Karl Jenkin's Armed Man.

No time to sit back, I've washed 7 ironed one of the table cloths (wine served after the concert), but need to rub out the pencil marks on my music so that it can go back to our music librian. Then there's a lot more to learn for the Christmas concert & our day at Tatton Hall. That's less than3 weeks away - help!

A nice friendly bunch, like the crowd I dance with at Folk dance clubs. Or walk with at U3A.

There's nothing likw having a shared interest, is there?
Dance caller.
Sunny Clucker enjoyed Folk music and song in mid-Cheshire
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