The Earthshot Prize - BBC1

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The Earthshot Prize - BBC1

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BBC programme

The series so far seems to be showing a positive spin on some of the local efforts made across the world rather than focusing just on the problems. Some are simple solutions with big results.
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Re: The Earthshot Prize - BBC1

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Whilst the prize money of £1 million to each of 5 winners will no doubt be welcomed by those receiving it, it does make me wonder where our priorities are regarding the planet. The money is a drop in the ocean compared to the money other people/organisations have.

I read that 8 existing billionaires increased their wealth by a further £32 billion because of Covid and their interests in big pharmaceuticals. A Saudi lead consortium has just paid £300 million for a rubbish football club (I can say that as I am a Newcastle supporter but currently Newcastle are dire). The consortium behind this is worth an estimated £320 billion.

Not sure where we as species go from here.
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