Free Light Sussex cockerel to a good home

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Free Light Sussex cockerel to a good home

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The lovely six hens acquired last year have turned into five hens and a cockerel! This was originally a bit of a novelty for me and the neighbours have not complained, so it was not an issue. However, the five girls are now being pestered by the cockerel (orignally Marjorie, then Michael - so now Marjorichael) and have developed bare patches on their backs near their tails. I reserached this and found out it is probably because Marjorichael is paying them too much attention (if you know what I mean). I have noticed that he tries to juimp on them at every opportunity. My research stated that ideally there should be no fewer than seven hens to one cockerel, so with us being a ratio of five to one, unfortunately Marjorichael has to go. A great shame as he is beautiful and the neighbours actually love to hear him. I shall put a post on the other page, but in the meantime, if anyone would like to give him a good home please come and get him (Ashford, Kent).

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Re: Free Light Sussex cockerel to a good home

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Re: Free Light Sussex cockerel to a good home

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Hi , Desmond look alike it is a shame I cannot have him , a handsome fellow.

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