rehoming cockerals in bucks

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rehoming cockerals in bucks

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Rather stupidly several months ago I allowed myself to be talked into taking an additional 4 chicks. They had been hatched out by a nursery school who hadn't thought to get home for all the chicks. I had been told they thought 3 of the 4 'could' be male. They couldn't remeber the supplier of the eggs so with my good nature I took them on in the hope they were wrong as they were only two weeks old. It turns out they were right and appear to be s.ex bred by colour. I am not getting complaints and having to rehome, does anyone know anywhere in buckinghamshire that takes on pretty cockerals?

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Re: rehoming cockerals in bucks

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I know there are some places that will take them try googling if no one can help on here. Shame you are so far away from secret world they take any creature in. Hope you find someone >fi<
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