Rehoming for two old chickens!

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Rehoming for two old chickens!

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We moved house two years ago and inherited three chickens. One has sadly since died and I would really like to rehome the other two. They are both pretty old, 6 or 7 possibly even 8 years old, and when they rarely lay eggs, they are really not edible - something very odd about the whites. Can anyone advise on somewhere in the Taunton area that might let them live out their lives - they were very much pets as younger chickens and I was frankly two soft hearted with the previous owners and said they could stay when really I had never had any intention of keeping chickens! They have free access to our garden and often roost out of the coop as we must be the only urban garden with no foxes! Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really feel killing them off is unnecessary as they are well and sprightly (and as I may have mentioned I am too soft hearted!).

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Re: Rehoming for two old chickens!

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If you dont have any luck here I suggest you try the facebook group, there is also a facebook group called "chickens that need rehoming". Or you could get in touch with your local animal rescue & see if they'll take chickens, or give you the name of another that will.
OR... you could give chicken keeping a try, after all they are old so wont be a burden for much longer. It would be nice if they could live out their last year or so (or months) in their familiar home. You may even grow to love them...and want some more! You'd get plenty of advice & support here for how to care for them.
As you agreed to take them I think the idea of "killing them off" is a bit sad and I hope you dont really mean to do that. Maybe someone will come along with an offer soon.
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Re: Rehoming for two old chickens!

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Yes, but....
There was a thread on here a few days ago from someone with only 2 hens, wondering what to do as she didn't want to get more. The feeling was, 1 hen will not be happy alone, 1 hen if rehomed alone might be picked on by the new flock, better to rehome them together before the last -but-one dies.
There was also a comment that with the restrictions in place rehoming might be hard just now.

Good luck to you, and your hens.
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