The Coronation BBC Sun 14th. Jan

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The Coronation BBC Sun 14th. Jan

Post by Richard »

Whether a Royalist or Republican, what a great documentary last night with HRH.

My favourite of hers was when asked what Prince Charles did whilst she was at the Abbey, she just replied "I don't know, I wasn't there" :-D :-D

Lovely smiles and you could see the memories and responsibility of her position coming out so well.

Just my opinion.

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Re: The Coronation BBC Sun 14th. Jan

Post by wildlifemad »

I have recorded this so not watched it yet. Glad to know you think its worth watching!
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Re: The Coronation BBC Sun 14th. Jan

Post by jemberelli »

I don't normally watch things like this but it was fascinating...I thoroughly enjoyed it. )t'
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Re: The Coronation BBC Sun 14th. Jan

Post by KathJ »

Yes me too )like( Straight to the point though isn't she )t'
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