Who knows a bit about what ?

Share projects, share problems, share tips amongst each other.
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Re: Who knows a bit about what ?

Post by Urban Wildlife »

Basic rustic woodwork construction for plant pot holders
Frame building for chicken runs
Country wine making

Grow it, brew it enjoy it !!!!
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Re: Who knows a bit about what ?

Post by rainy »

Im a cake decorating teacher so can offer help with creating celebration cakes.
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Re: Who knows a bit about what ?

Post by elliebear15 »

I don't claim to have any specialist knowledge but my OH is an engineer and as such is pretty good with plumbing, electrics, general DIY, and specialises in metalwork especially welding.
He also put his hand to dowsing a few years back, and has a friend in the building trade who really does use and rely on that method to find water pipes underground - with a 100% success rate I believe.
He is a very handy lad. )like(
Ellie x
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Re: Who knows a bit about what ?

Post by Freeranger »

I don't know why, but this completely passed me by until today, and I've really enjoyed reading about peoples' skills and hobbies - great kitchen photo as well. What a talented bunch!

I qualified as a Chartered Engineer in manufacturing many moons ago - very different for a lady at the time - but my apprentice-trained (and much better engineer than I ever was) Dad kindly called me Professor Pinkhands. I'm not good at mending cars but could tell you how to build some, and am absolutely cods at carpentry given that I can't cut straight, and bend nails (and throw cricket balls) like a right girl. I can be quite techie too, though, and have yet to start a huge house renovation project that I've been staring at for a long while.

These days I am more about running businesses and can help anyone with that kind of thing - start up, accounts, banks, money etc. Can cook, knit, sew, garden a bit....
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Re: Who knows a bit about what ?

Post by Richard »

Very diverse there freeranger )t' )t'
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Re: Who knows a bit about what ?

Post by Snoopy »

Here goes with some....
Frugal, delicious and healthy cooking for families or anyone who wants to downsize my recipes.
Child rearing and education.
Chicken rearing and coop/run design and building(woodwork).
Soap making.
Country Wine brewing.
Jam/chutney making.
A determined and successful ability to find anything at the best possible price on the internet.
Plus, sensible impartial advice.
This really is an opportunity to blow your own trumpet, it's nice as often people's skills and experience are not recognised...
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