Tarting up the fireplace

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Tarting up the fireplace

Post by Meanqueen »

My fireplace was ugly, brown stones, dull and boring. {cry} I have lived with it for 20 years. Time for a change but I didn't want to spend any money. I thought of the tester pots of paint I bought from Woolies before it closed down, they were 4p each, I bought lots. They have come in useful for all kinds of arty crafty jobs where a small amount of paint was needed. Time for a transformation, I thought.


I love it. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I like colour. The room is now cheerful, and I am happy. Cost? Virtually nothing. :-D

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Re: Tarting up the fireplace

Post by Mo »

Your visitors will need to bring sunglasses as well as teabags!
Very cheerful.
Matching patchwork curtains next?
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Re: Tarting up the fireplace

Post by Spreckly »

Wow Ilona! Very cheerful.

We had an old grey tile living room fireplace when we moved here. It was also cracked and chipped, so after living with it for over a year, we took it out, and put in a cast iron and tile affair. OH made the wood surround, and the hearth surround, which he tiled. Our front room fireplace is a mottled beige, with the odd crock, but it is heaps better than the living room one, and as we decided not to replace anything unless we felt we couldn't live with it, it stays.

Isn't it nice when you do something in the house or garden, and you keep admiring it!
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Re: Tarting up the fireplace

Post by nicklincs »

)like( very snazzy !
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Re: Tarting up the fireplace

Post by Richard »

Now that's colourful :)

Very nice Ilona, job done.

Richard )t' )t'
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Re: Tarting up the fireplace

Post by lancashire lass »

Mo wrote:Your visitors will need to bring sunglasses as well as teabags!

{rofwl} I have visions of visitors placing teabags on their eyes before putting sunglasses on, but ... I know the reference is really about visitors bringing their own teabags along if they want a drink.

the fireplace is certainly very colourful, bright and cheerful, and frugal )t'
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