When does keeping handy bit become hoarding?

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When does keeping handy bit become hoarding?

Post by saint-spoon »

I spent a good deal of time over the weekend clearing some space in my garage, When we moved in there was already a large collection of offcuts of wood left by the previous owner (and probably from the one before him and the one before that). Add to that odd bits left over from my various DIY projects and it was getting a bit much to be honest. There were bits of wood and MDF that could never be of any conceivable use, splintered skirting board, 2” ends of dado rail, bits of beading and an L shaped off cut from a kitchen side…
Anyway two trailers full of off cuts, the kids old baby slide and paddling pool, kids bikes that are far too small for them now, and much more and I have some room to move.
Fortunately the recycling centre has a skip for wood, one for ferrous and non ferrous, another for hardboard and so on.
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Re: When does keeping handy bit become hoarding?

Post by Mo »

I think you've answered yourself.

I know the feeling.

As well as the recycling centre there is Freecycle, and Freegle, small ads and Charity shops but some things are past that (like my 3 piece suite that has no fire label)
Any idea who might want all my videos & obsolete technology?
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Re: When does keeping handy bit become hoarding?

Post by wendy »

You can come and do Spencer's shed if you want now.
Everything had it's place and he knew where it was. But everything was kept 'it maybe needed later' To me it is just a jumble !
If ever it was needed, there was a lot of 'I said so'

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Re: When does keeping handy bit become hoarding?

Post by wildlifemad »

We are both horders I suppose,but the shed drives me mad,hubby keeps everything,yes even those bits of wood that might come in useful! I made him clear it the other week but not much got thrown.We have a log burner so all the ok wood that was burnt. I hate to see stuff just thrown away when it could be recycled or re-used,our neighbour has 3 children & the stuff they waste & throw away infuriates me,they're not thinking of the next generation i.e. their own children,it is a throw away society today by many people BUT thankfully not all.We are lucky that our local tip has a charity shop on site & even takes electrical items that are tested & then sold.
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