Skip diving

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Skip diving

Post by Meanqueen »

Not sure where to put this, but it's about recycling so here will do. My aunt has sold her house and now she must empty it. She moved into a smaller bungalow before Christmas and took some of her possessions with her. I asked her to let me know when the clear out would begin, a skip was ordered and a lot of stuff was destined to be chucked in there.

Today I went to help because I wanted to rescue things that could be passed on to someone else who needs it, via charity shops. I have come home (95 miles each way) with my car rammed full. I couldn't get it all in so I will go back tomorrow, because I hate to see useful stuff chucked away.

Next week I start passing it on, I have some ideas about who could make best use of it. I have just eaten my dinner, now I will unload the car. Goodness knows where I will put it all. Tomorrow we start on the garage and greenhouse.

It's very sad sorting through people's personal possessions, a lot of it belonged to her late husband. On the plus side, she has a lovely little cozy bungalow, just right for her.

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Re: Skip diving

Post by Gwenoakes »

That is a very nice thing to do for your Aunt and then to be able to help other people.
I bet you are tired after driving the 95 miles.
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Re: Skip diving

Post by Mo »

So your skip-dive was 'in advance'. Pre-emptive skip diving.
I hate the thought of waste too. When we were clearing OHs grandmother's house and his mother's we brought stuff back, but some of it has been sat in the garage for 20 years!
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