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Re: Poo/Litter

Post by Mulluc37 »

Thanks Guys, for all of your tips & comments, most helpful. I guess its that finding out what works for " you" theory, as I am a newbie I am sure I will catch on.. Absolutely loving the chickens & ducks , just want them to be happy. :-D :-D

Thanks again )t'
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Re: Poo/Litter

Post by KarenE »

I use a pair of old gardening gloves for poo picking inside the coop, and I have a long grabby thing (for litter picking type thing) that I bought from a £ shop, that does the trick perfectly for picking up off the lawn/garden and the run.

On the floor of the coop, I have cardboard then a plastic beach mat type thing, with a layer of straw on top. It's easy to clean off and keeps the girls warm in winter, and they love rooting round in the straw.

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Re: Poo/Litter

Post by Mad Chick »

We just shove on a pair of latex gloves for poop picking duties )t'

I have also found that wood shaving clump together more when wet/covered in poo - since switching to a chipped wood bedding such as easibed or auboise, we have much less wastage when poop picking and it also seems to be more absorbent so lasts longer too :-D
Lucy x

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Re: Poo/Litter

Post by Steve valentine »

Aubiose or similar in the coop, sharp sand in the run, just use a cat litter scoop with the sand, barely any waste and they can dust bath where they like )t'
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Re: Poo/Litter

Post by Mo »

Mulluc37 wrote: Does any one out there put any form of flooring on the floor of the chicken shed, mine is a walk in ( no removable floor) so was thinking about outting something over the floor which can be dragged out and hosed down, any ideas??

I've used a feed sack opened out. The paper kind (without bedding) can be scrapped until messy (it lasts quite a while if it's dry weather) then replaced. The plastic sort can be scraped or washed. Or a remnant of 'lino' would be good.
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